Our Exclusive Italian Leather Policy

At Bellezza we travel to Italy to seek out the top leather producers dedicated to the art of making superior quality leather products. Our handbag designers are family-run establishments that have passed down the tradition of master leather working for generations. Culturally the Italians take great pride in their leather artistry, using a slow, natural vegetable tanning process that creates the most beautiful leather in the world. This, along with their expert craftsmanship produces one of a kind pieces that are competely unique, of the highest quality and environmentally friendly.

At Bellezza Imports We Pledge to Offer Only Vegetable Tanned Leather Products Direct from the Leading Italian Leather Designers. Every Bag at Bellezza Imports is Proudly Made in Italy.

How We Order Our Exclusive Collections

We meet with each of our Italian Leather Designers by invitation to personally select each style, color and model during our trips to Italy. These showings are offered several times a year and reflect the leading edge of fashion out of Milan, leather design Mecca of the world. We order in limited quantities to ensure exclusivity for our customers making each piece uniquely yours.


Italian Made Leather Using The All Natural Vegetable Tanning Process

The vegetable tanning process is based on the use of tannin, active ingredient responsible for the transformation of the animal hide into a compact and resistant material durable throughout the years. This natural substance can be found in many different trees and vegetables sometimes contained in the bark, others in the leaves, in the wood or in the fruits as well as in the roots. These natural tannin extracts make vegetable tanned leather unique, immediately recognizable and easily distinguishable from leather tanned with other chemical based methods. You will also notice the scent of vegetable tanned leather as something inimitable and embracing. Read more about our Italian leather tanneries here